Octopus Baby Quilt – Part IV

Hi habibis!  Welcome to part IV of my octopus baby quilt posts, the last post, covering the quilting.

I put a lot of thought into the quilting.  I wanted to evoke a lot of motion.

I started with the fish.  I quilted a couple of little wavy lines in blue behind each fish’s tail to make it look like the fish was swimming and creating a tiny wake behind itself.

Then the octopus: I quilted three curved lines around the end of each tentacle, again to try to evoke movement.  For the tentacle that’s raised – it’s supposed to be waving hello – I quilted lines to the left and right of the tentacle.  The thread is a dark greenish blue.

I quilted waving lines across the quilt in lighter and darker blue, to mimic the movement of water.  I extended the lines into the borders on the sides and the border at the top.  I varied the thread colors based on the shades of fabric I was covering – the darker thread on the darker fabric and the lighter thread on the lighter fabrics.

Finally, I quilted seaweed at the bottom of the quilt in green thread.  The seaweed also grows out of the bottom of the border up into the empty space around the octopus.  I was pleased with how that turned out.

For the hand quilting, I did the baby’s initials in a blank space.

I was concerned that the area around the octopus wouldn’t hold together enough, so I quilted all the way around the outline, which will hopefully help.  It’s a lot of space to not be quilted, especially in a baby quilt, and I make my quilts to be used.  I hope it’ll hold together.

The binding is scrappy, in yellow, orange, and green.  The yellow and orange echo the fish and are significant colors – meaningful for the baby’s mother and me.  The green, as I think I mentioned before, is the mother’s favorite color.





3 thoughts on “Octopus Baby Quilt – Part IV

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