Medallion baby quilt for P and J’s baby – Part II

Today I want to share with you the machine quilting I did on the medallion baby quilt.

I started with the center of the medallion, the dogwood blossom, and I machine quilted just to the inside of the dogwood blossom shape.  Then I did wavy free motion quilting in the lime green and teal floral border around it, using matching green thread.

For the second border, the one with the rectangles made of triangle scraps, I did straight line quilting in three rows around the inner edge of the border.  I stopped at each corner block, and then in the corners I did three more lines following the inner edge of each corner block.

In the third border, the blue floral print from my Aunt D’s stash, I did more wavy free motion quilting.  At the corners, one line of quilting dipped down into the second border, and the other line dipped out toward the outside edge of the border.

For the fourth border, the one with the pinwheels, I started by quilting the outline of the pinwheels in blue.  Then I traced overlapping half circles in the rest of the border and quilted them, again in blue.

For the fifth border, with the teal and lime solid fabrics, I did an interlocking geometric pattern.

I didn’t quilt the final border.



2 thoughts on “Medallion baby quilt for P and J’s baby – Part II

    • thanks Jodi! I still haven’t finished the actual one for the Handstitched class…maybe this summer?

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