April and May Charity Sewing

For April and May I focused my efforts on pillows and crate mats for local animal shelters, to help me use up my scraps.

First, the pillows:

Most of these are made with scraps from my grandfather’s tshirts.  They’re lumpy and weirdly-sized, but hopefully they’ll be snuggly for some shelter animals.  There are a total of six – five of approximately the same size and one that’s very long, made with some scraps leftover from a tablecloth my mother cut up to make book holders for her students, plus more tshirt or sweatshirt scraps.

Basically, I sewed pieces together until I thought I had something pillow-sized, and then I stuffed them, except in the case of the extra long one; I think there I got carried away.  I finished some of them by hand, but I thought better of that and the later pillows are closed by machine.  I’m not sure handstitching the pillows closed will hold for animal use.

Second, the crate mats:

I used more tshirt and sweatshirt scraps, some fabrics from the stash Aunt D gave me, and some old pajama pants.  (I’m a little concerned that the pajama pants might not hold up well enough for shelter use – both pants had to be taken out of my pj rotation because I wore the seat of the pants through, beyond my ability to repair, but I only used the legs for the crate mats.  One of them had a spot that looked a little threadbare, which I didn’t catch until I was looking at my quilting, so I hope they survive long enough to be useful.)

I used the crate mats to practice my machine quilting.

I made two mats from a set of pajama pants with this great print.  I quilted them in a matching aqua thread to follow the pattern.  Since the pattern was laid out differently on the legs of the pants, the quilting on the two mats is slightly different.  I was really pleased with it.

On this one, I’d started to quilt around the edges and through the middle with white thread, and then I realized it would be way cooler to follow the pattern.

Here’s the back, from Aunt D’s stash:

On this mat, the pattern almost matches up:

The other pajama pants were kind of a mint green with yellow polka dots.   They also made two mats.  I quilted them with aqua thread.

The first mat was paired with a beige sweatshirt.  I quilted it in curves.

The second one was paired with this harlequin print.  I did the quilting following the lines of the print in a crisscrossing pattern.

The other three mats are from tshirt and sweatshirt scraps, and I quilted them all in square spirals (is that the word for that?) using blue thread (some aqua, some navy) and some white, as the bobbins ran out.






2 thoughts on “April and May Charity Sewing

  1. How pretty these are, too pretty for doggies and kitties! I make some also, and give them to the pound. I use old pillowcases, fill them up with fabric/batting/thread scraps, and when full enough, sew up the opening on my machine. I hope mine and yours are put to good use! I’ve heard, though, that the shelters/pounds don’t always like them because the dogs tend to tear them apart, and then they have a mess to clean up. I know some dogs will, but I hope not all. Oh, well, all we can do is try, right?

    • Using old pillowcases is a good idea! I do worry about the dogs ripping them open – my parents’ dogs would, but I also hope that other dogs don’t.

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