May Stash Report

Hi habibis!  It’s time for the May stash report and I have a lot of activity to share!

First, I gave my friend C a quilt for her wedding, which I’ll start sharing next week.  Per my calculations, that worked out to 4.75 yards.

I brought more donations to my guild!  My estimate is about 40 yards.  (Doesn’t that seem like so much?!? I had to bring it all in a suitcase.  I tried really hard to give up things I know I won’t use, even if I like them, but I still have sooooo much fabric.)

I gave some Kaffe Fassett charm squares to my friend  – that’s about half a yard.

The drawstring bags for my mom and my grandma came out to about 3/4 yards.

My May bee block plus the extra pieces I sent along came out to 3/4 yard.

I made six dog pillows, but I only measured two of them, so I have to estimate the rest.  That’s about 1.25 yards.

I made seven dog mats.  That used up 3.75 yards.

Lastly, I donated some extra dog-themed fabric, which worked out to about 1.25 yards.

So my total outgoing for the month of May is 53 yards.

My previous total through April was just under 63.5 yards, so my new total for the year is 116.5 yards!!!



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