Hexagon Tree Doll Quilt (Part III?)

Hi habibis!  I’m so pleased to say that I’ve been getting a lot of sewing done, but I’m working on two things I can’t share yet, so in the meantime I’ve got some small bits of progress to show you.  I’ve still been picking up my hexagon tree doll quilt every couple of days.   Over the weekend I added a border:

I put a lot of thought into the border.  I thought I wanted something warm – I was thinking of yellow/orange – but in the end this lovely brown with cream and blue won out.  I think the back will be orange – I’ve got three fabrics pulled for that already – and the binding will probably be a scrappy one leftover from the octopus baby quilt and/or the medallion baby quilt.  (Incidentally, I see I really need to update my Finished Quilts tab, as I just realized my last three quilts aren’t in there.)

In addition to adding the border, I’ve still been working on the leaves.  I finished all the outlines in forest green thread.  I’ve started to stitch lines across the hexagons to divide them into parts.  The goal is to then fill some of the sections in with satin stitch before I layer and quilt this.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share my Stash Bee blocks – Mary picked such a cute block for this month!


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