“Shades of Love in Blue” – Part I

Hello habibis!  I can finally show you my project that was supposed to be done by the end of June.  (In the end, it was only a month late.)  It’s a wedding quilt for my friend E and her husband J.

I’d toyed with the idea of using half square triangles to make concentric diamonds, and then I decided to make the diamonds off-center.  I settled on blues.  E and J met at dental school, and one of their school colors was blue, so everything is shades of blue (hence the name).

I wanted ten rows of ten, so I made 100 HSTs (plus a few extras).  In this picture you can see some of them, with my design in the background.

Here are the light/light pairs:

I decided to make this my center:

The layout is: dark center, medium for the second diamond, dark for the third diamond, and light to fill out the rest, so I had to do a lot of math and make sure I had the right number of dark/medium and dark/light pairs.

I think tomorrow we’ll have a WIP Wednesday post, and next week I’ll share with you the whole pieced top and the back.



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