“Shades of Love in Blue” – Part II

Hello habibis!  Today I want to share with you the pieced top and back for the “Shades of Love in Blue” quilt I made as a wedding present for my friend E.

Last week I showed you my HSTs.  Here’s my layout before I did the piecing:

I played with my layout a bit, but not much, and then I sewed them in rows and then row by row to make the top. It’s ten blocks by ten.

I had elaborate plans for a pieced back using the extra blue squares I’d cut and several blue fat quarters, but that seemed like too much work. I pieced some of the extra squares together in one long strip and then I used blue yardage for the rest. I’m pretty sure I bought it from Michael’s.  Does the top right corner look like a different shade of blue?  It might be, but it doesn’t matter.

I didn’t make a scrappy binding – I wanted to frame the quilt, not as something busier. I used a similar shade of blue from my stash.  I don’t have a picture of the binding, as far as I can tell, but you’ll see it when I show the finished quilt.

The whole quilt came from my stash. I thought doing an all-blue quilt would be a stash buster, but I was wrong! I have a LOT of blue.

Here it is, all sandwiched:

I love the design. I wanted something a little more modern for this quilt, and I love seeing people’s concentric diamonds. I set it off-center and used more solids, even though it’s still very scrappy. I auditioned all of my blue fabrics and picked only the prettiest prints within the specific shades I wanted.

Next week, the quilting!

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