Pink Blossom: Part I

Hi habibis! Happy Labor Day to those of you in the US!

Remember this quilt? When you saw it last I needed to add the English paper piecing storm at sea blocks. In July I finally pulled out the blocks and the yellow and white polka dot fabric that I’d cut to comprise the rest of the border. I decided I was sick of this quilt and I was going to make a doll quilt out of it. Then I measured it after I put the border on and it was way too big for a doll quilt. What to do?

At the same time, I’d been ruminating over what quilt to make for my baby niece. My brother and sister-in-law are expecting their first child later this year, a baby girl. Baby H will be the first grandchild on both sides and her arrival is eagerly anticipated. We had the shower planned for Labor Day and my mother said she was going to have her quilt done by the shower, so I figured I’d better have mine done by then, too.

Then I had a brilliant idea. My sister-in-law M loves pink. My Handstitched quilt had a lot of pink, plus teal and yellow – great baby colors! Why not make it the quilt for baby H?

I pulled out all my pink fabrics and auditioned them with what I had already to design my additional borders. I’d already decided to move away from the instructions from the class. The quilt as designed wasn’t what I wanted to make. (I’ve learned from now on not to take a class unless I really want to make the design. Something can be great but not speak to me, you know?)

I used a fabric with large dots in shades of pink red and black for the next border. It ties in the pinks in the quilt and the polka dots (which, of course, I love).

For the next border I envisioned a cool weaving effect with teal and pink. This teal, by the way, is a michaels purchase that I used here. I believe the pink is from a keepsake quilting collection of pink solids.  I had to be creative to get my design out of diminishing teal scraps but I love that I was able to achieve it.

For the final border I used some hot pinks with extra scraps from the other borders.


You can see a shift in colors from the center, which has some greens and creams, to the outer borders, which are heavily concentrated in pink with pops of teal and yellow, but I think it still works and feels cohesive because I have a spectrum of pinks throughout and I used the same teal in everything. I’m very happy with the aesthetic.

Tomorrow I’ll share some of the quilting!



2 thoughts on “Pink Blossom: Part I

  1. It’s beautiful! Great that you were able to move on and finish it! Mine from the same class is languishing in a box and I haven’t touched it in months. But someday I will!

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