Pink Blossom: Part III

Happy Tuesday, habibis!  It’s time for part III of Pink Blossom – I want to show you the rest of the quilting I did, on the three outer borders that I designed myself.

For the next border I quilted straight lines in pink.  For the woven-look border I quilted two straight lines in pink in the pink sections and two wavy lines in teal in each teal section.

I quilted through the corners like this:

For my final border I quilted each fabric differently. For the pieces leftover from my woven-look border, I quilted straight lines going out to the edge of the quilt in matching thread.

For this pink, I quilted wavy lines in coordinating pink thread.

For this pink, I quilted a “rainbow” in straight lines, because I liked how the teal looked against the print and the print had almost all the colors in it. The rainbow is teal, then yellow, then light pink, then two lines of the hot pink.

For the yellow fabric I did two different things. On the top and bottom borders I used a saucer to trace a half circle and then quilted the circle, then quilted two more circles a quarter inch above each one.

For the other two borders I did quilted the semicircle and then quilted straight horizontal lines  a quarter inch apart within the semicircle. (I did that because on the side borders the yellow prices were wider, so I could get a larger arc.)

Bobbin thread thoughts:   I mostly used white bobbin thread, rather than coordinating thread like I usually do. Since I switched top thread a lot, using white bobbin thread made things a little easier. I wasn’t constantly switching out my bobbins or needing to have five or six colors wound at any given time. (I used light pink, a deeper pink, yellow, green, teal, and cream threads on this quilt.)  However, I was having some tension problems and I found that for the deeper pink and the teal, in particular, the bobbin thread showed, which really bothered me. I ended up using matching bobbins for those colors as the quilting went on.

Tomorrow I’ll share the pieced back and the scrappy binding!



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