Pink Blossom: Part IV

Here’s part IV of “Pink Blossom”: the pieced back and the binding.

I pieced the back out of baby-themed flannel I had.  I used squares I’d bought years ago at a fabric store with a nickel scrap bin (boy did I love that!), which I cut to uniform size and sewed into rows, and then I used larger pieces to make the rest.

I went sans batting because they live in a relatively warm climate and I figured she wouldn’t need it. (Plus my mom put batting in hers so they’ll have a heavier quilt if they need one.)

The binding is from two more pinks that I’d ended up not using, a solid from the same keepsake quilting collection and a pink polka dot. It coordinates nicely and again ties in the polka dots.

I hand stitched the binding down with matching pink thread. I haven’t labeled the quilt yet; I like to put the baby’s birth date and my niece is a couple of months away from hers. My plan is to take the label down with me when we visit and sew it on then.

Want to see some pictures of the quilting from the back?  Of course you do!

Lastly, here’s a shot of the finished quilt.  (That’s my dad modeling it for me.)


2 thoughts on “Pink Blossom: Part IV

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