Blocks for my guild

My guild is making a raffle quilt using Tula Pink’s “100 Modern Quilt Blocks.”  They broke the blocks into easy, medium, and hard, and provided the photocopied instructions from the book along with a print and a solid.  Everyone had to use the print – that’s designed to keep the quilt cohesive.

I picked up three blocks; Maria Sangria (my mom) took one and I did the other two.  I wish I could remember my block numbers, but I’m too lazy to dig my copy of the book out to look it up.

Here’s one block (upside down, I think).  The green and the multicolored print were provided to me.

For the other block I had two color combinations I liked.  Here’s one, using the print and the green again.

Here’s the other, which uses the print and the red they gave me.

I couldn’t decide so I made them both.  That way they’ll have an extra, just in case; they can pick which one works best.  The pictures aren’t the best quality; the green on the right and the blue on the left look like the same shade, and they aren’t at all.  You can see the different in shades in the picture above.


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