Dog Pillows

Remember my August stash report, where I mentioned dog pillows that I thought I’d already posted about?  Here’s the post, finally!

Z has kindly sacrificed his old pillows to make dog beds.  The pillows were gross; they felt tacky to the touch. (This picture doesn’t properly capture their weird greenish color.) He insisted they weren’t that old, but I convinced him that he was better off using my nice clean pillows instead.

So his pillows are going to a local shelter, with new coverings.  I pulled a bunch of fabrics and then changed my mind about three times. In the end, one pillow was done with red/orange fabrics and one with purple and leftover flannel from the back of my niece’s quilt. I’ve had those flannels in my stash for ages and ages. I still have some left. I thought the flannels would be nice for the dogs.

Pillow one:

Pillow two:

Pillow number three is made of an old cardigan of mine. It’s so soft but once in the laundry something bled on it and left pink marks. I’ve been filling it with threads and all the tiny scraps of fabric and batting that I’ve generated over the course of the summer. I added regular polyester batting from Michael’s to fill the rest and then I sewed it up.


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