September and October Stash Report

I’m a little overdue with my stash report.  I’ll start with incoming:

I took two yards of fabric from our charity table at my guild.  I used them to make Christmas stockings that I’ll return at our next guild meeting, so that won’t stay in my stash for long.

My guild had given us charm squares (give or take) for the bee blocks we made, so that’s .07 yards.

I bought two yards of extra-wide backing fabric, plus a half yard and 3/4 of a yard of two other fabrics for the teal and grey quilt that I haven’t shown you yet.  So that works out to 6.65 yards, plus the two yards from the charity table is 8.72 yards of incoming fabric.

Here’s my outgoing:

September churn dash bee blocks: .28 yards

October bee block: .16 yards


The trivet for my cousin C: .25 yards

Blocks for my guild: .13 yards

The I Love Lucy pillow for my Aunt D: .75 yards

The teal and grey quilt (which I haven’t posted yet): 4.65 yards

Hexagon doll quilt: .95 yards

Pink Blossom quilt for my niece: 3.75 yards

Quilts of Valor wonky star: .11 yards

That’s a total of 11.03 yards outgoing, for a net of 2.31 going out of my stash.

My total for the year is 124.51 yards out.


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