Sewing Machine Cover

Happy Veterans’ Day!  Thank you to all who have served.

My blog post today isn’t very thematic.  I’m sharing a quick project I threw together for myself:

In our new apartment, we tend to get some kind of sawdust or something along one wall, I guess from the people upstairs walking around. Unfortunately, my desk with my sewing machine is against that wall and sometimes I notice sawdust on the desk. In October I took my machine to the shop because it wasn’t running properly (turned out a thread had somehow wormed its way into the inner workings of the machine and gotten tangled up) and I resolved to make a cover for the machine when it came back, to protect it.

I decided to use this tutorial from Forth Worth Fabric Studio, with a slight deviation that you’ll see below.

I picked out a gorgeous fabric from my stash – I think the flowers are mums?  I layered it with the grey leftover from my grey and teal quilt (which I still haven’t blogged about – next week!) and quilted wavy lines in white thread. I quilted around the flowers, more or less, but I didn’t worry too much about that. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

For the binding I chose the gold fish fabric that’s leftover from my brother’s wedding quilt. I was just using it for my Quilt of Valor blocks and I still had it out.

I had a lovely royal blue sitting around – I’d cut it up to bind the blue doll quilt but I decided to use it for this instead. The tutorial calls for ties on the sides of the machine cover but I decided I’d rather secure one long tie in the back and wrap it around to tie in the front. So I took three strips and sewed them together, then folded it in half lengthwise and sewed the tube closed. I did pointed corners and left one spot open to turn it. Turning it took awhile but I managed!

This past weekend I didn’t get much time at my machine – we had to go visit my parents to take care of stuff on Saturday, plus my sister was staying with us – but a trip to see my parents means a few hours on the train so I had time for hand sewing. I used it to stitch down the binding and now my machine cover is finished!



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