Christmas Stockings for Charity

Every year my guild makes stockings and drawstring bags and stuffs them with gifts for needy children for the holidays. I like to make stockings. Last year I used up almost all of my Christmas scraps making improv pieced stockings, so this year when the charity committee was offering fabric for stockings I took two yards. (I guess I could’ve just used yardage I had but whatever.) I used up both yards and maybe an additional quarter yard of red fabric that I added to make a total of ten stockings. Ten! Eight were cut from the yardage and two improv-pieced, because I didn’t want any scraps hanging around. The only pieces that didn’t get pieced in were the ones that were too small to use – those went into a dog bed stuffing.

I thought I had pictures of all of them, but apparently I only have pictures of number 11, which I made with a piece of green fabric I found in my stash that I didn’t like and some gold scraps.  To add a bit of interest, I sewed a few straight lines in gold around the top.

All 11 stockings went to my guild last week.


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