Teal and Grey Quilt – Part I

Hello habibis! I have a wedding quilt to share with you, a gift for my friend M and her husband H. They recently got married and I made a quilt to match their decor. They use a lot of dark teal and greys in their tiling and elsewhere in the house and I wanted to mirror that.

Do you remember the greys and teals I bought in August? Those were for this quilt. I wanted a brick-style layout. I cut them into 5″ by 10″ rectangles. I had to use pretty much all the fabric I’d bought, plus a little of what was in my stash. I think in the end I decided one fat quarter didn’t fit with the colors I wanted.


I went semi-random with the layout. I arranged them in piles for each row and then chain pieced, making sure only that each row had a somewhat balanced look.


Then I put all the rows on my bed and spent a long time rearranging them. I wanted, again, for the quilt to feel balanced. I ended up with some of the same fabrics next to each other in adjacent rows, but overall I think it’s pretty balanced. It was the best I could do.


At the time I wondered if I should have maybe staggered the rows more, but thanks to the semi-random distribution of fabrics it doesn’t look overly uniform. When I look at it now I think it’s fine.

Next week I’ll share the quilting!


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