Drawstring gift bags

The long-awaited baby H, my niece, has finally made her appearance. She is already much-beloved, the first grandchild on both sides. Z and I went south for a couple of days to visit her and I brought along gifts: scotch to pamper the new daddy, a little bag full of nail polish and makeup (all in shades of pink) to pamper the new mommy, and some cute baby things to pamper the new baby. 🙂 I made drawstring bags for each gift.

I forgot to take a picture of the bag I made for the scotch, but it was like the other wine bags I’ve made. I used the green peacock feather print that I made their wedding quilt from.

For my sister-in-law I made this cute pink bag, which fit the small case I’d bought and filled with lip glosses and nail polishes. My sister-in-law, you may recall, loves pink and I’m happy to indulge!


For baby H, I broke out some brand new fabric. This is a far quarter of Riley Blake’s Saltwater collection. I got it from Connecting Threads. (Check out my next Sunday stash post to see that I went a bit overboard buying fabrics, after almost a year of not buying fabric unless it was for a specific project.)  This line is so cute. It has sea turtles, narwhals, mermaids, and little fishes, in delectable shades of pink, coral, sea foam green, yellow, and a lovely dark blue. I bought it on an impulse buy and decided I needed to use it immediately.  (I have a ton left.)


I took the pictures before I put the ribbons in for the drawstrings but you can use your imagination. 🙂

What I like about drawstring bags is that they can be reused. I made myself a couple of shoe bags and I think I should make more. They’re so useful.


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