Blue Doll Quilt

This doll quilt is made of leftover pieces from the “Shades of Love in Blue” quilt. I’d made a few more HSTs than I needed, so I put them together with some other blue squares.  I spent some time playing with the layout and then when I was sewing I think certain parts got turned around. Since I was going for more of an improv feel I didn’t mind. (I’d pieced the blocks in random pairs and then started making a layout.)

Then I added some more blue scraps to get it to doll quilt size. I backed it with this cute kid-friendly print.


I took the doll quilt on a trip with me to do some hand quilting. I used mostly blue thread but some green, and I quilted it however moved me. Outlines on some blocks. Here I did what kind of looks like a castle wall – is there a word for that stitch? I was going to do it around the whole block but I got bored and stopped. I used up some thread bits. It was pretty freeing. I had no plan except to leave certain spaces empty for something more involved, and to leave the outer edges for machine quilting.






I machine quilted this little heart using two different threads, one for the bobbin and one for the top thread.  I flipped the quilt for the second heart and flipped it back to get both colors on both sides.



For binding I chose a dark blue tonal kind of fabric. I wanted something blue, obviously, and I didn’t want it to distract from the quilt; I wanted something that would blend in.

Here’s the finished quilt from the front and back:




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