Fabric storage

Habibis, I have a lot of fabric.  I mean, a LOT.  I may not have more than the average quilter, but I live in a one-bedroom apartment with my fiance in a city not known for spacious living quarters.

We have a loft space – which is amazing for storage – and I was very excited that I’d be able to keep all my fabric up there. Here’s what I’ve learned: the loft is great for storing things you don’t need regularly. The loft is not great for accessing and then returning your fabric.  It’s hard for me to search through everything I have when I’m crouching or bent over at the waist because of the low ceiling, and then I have to carry everything down the not 100% sturdy ladder. It makes it harder to put fabrics away, as well, and that’s what motivated the change. I’ve taken over more of our living room than I was supposed to, with piles of fabric.

So we ordered a cabinet from Amazon. We put it together and I finally filled it last week. First I had to hand my bins of fabric down to Z from the loft – I knew from my experience putting the bins up in the loft initially that I would have even more trouble getting them down the ladder. Then I filled the cabinet.



You can see how I have them kind of organized by color. Scrap fabrics is still an outstanding issue – I want to organize them better but I haven’t quite decided how.  Right now some are on the top shelf but some aren’t in the cabinet yet.  I’ll figure it out.


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