Quilted liner for a basket

My guild had a basket raffle as a fundraiser, where members brought baskets (or bags, or whatever) filled with fabrics, chocolates, gift cards, etc., and then we raffled them off.  I got a basket at Michael’s and decided it needed a liner for the bottom.  I chose a bright red and white polka dot print – a Christmas-y feel without screaming “Christmas” – and layered it over some batting.  I measured the basket and made it slightly larger than that.  Then I quilted a white spiral from the center outwards.

I trimmed the batting to fit in the basket, and then I folded over the edges of the polka dot fabric (which I hadn’t trimmed) and stitched along the edge.  It’s not perfect, but it works.

Here you can see how I did the edges:

It looks like it’s still slightly large for the basket bottom, but it served its purpose.  My basket included a couple of breakables (it was wine-themed) and I’d really wanted something to cushion the bottom of the basket, plus it’s so cute and bright.

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