Hopkins Square Bee Blocks

Hi habibis!  Christmas is nearly upon us, and I have one last post beforehand.

You may recall that I asked for Hopkins Square blocks for my month of the stash bee in shades of red and gold, and my bee mates have been incredibly generous.  The ten of them sent me 16 blocks, plus extra block pieces and extra cuts of fabric!

Here’s a sample:

Don’t you love everyone’s fabric choices?

After the holidays I plan to buckle down and put together this quilt top.  It’s going to look great!



3 thoughts on “Hopkins Square Bee Blocks

    • 🙂 Yesterday I did the math to see how many more I need to make – everyone was so generous that I already have partial pieces for six blocks and then I need to cut another 2 for a 6 x 7 layout, plus a border. (Or I could do 7 x 8? I haven’t decided…)

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