Pillow for Z’s Grandpa

I’ve made another pillow for Z’s grandpa this year. He loves the other one I made him, and I thought he could use a second one. Most of the scraps are from the quilts I made for Z last year and the year before, so the colors for this pillow are still patriotic but the prints are actually more nautical.

I started with 3″ squares organized in a four by six layout:

I added 2″ wide red borders.  (I made them a little too wide for the pillow form.)  I’d actually had another border planned, but I did my math wrong and cut the pieces too short.

For the back, I fussy cut this center scrap, which is leftover from the Storm at Sea quilt I made for Z.  The white fabric is leftover from his “What So Proudly We Hail” quilt.  It’s got little sea shells on it.


3 thoughts on “Pillow for Z’s Grandpa

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