Actually free motion quilting!

Hi habibis! I know I said I’d be showing you some baby quilts, but I have to share with you that I am finally learning to free motion quilt!

I didn’t realize when I first started trying FMQ that you need a special foot for it. I couldn’t understand why people could do so much on their machines that I couldn’t do. I thought at first it was because I was using a home machine, and other people could do fancy things on long arm machines. Then I got FMQ books and learned that the problem wasn’t my skill level; it was my tools. My mom and I have three machines between the two of us, but none of them came with FMQ feet.

In the fall I finally ordered an FMQ foot for my Kenmore. I got it after Thanksgiving, but I was so busy finishing up Christmas presents that I didn’t have time to spare to learn how to use it. I finally put it on my machine after new year’s and began to practice.

Here’s my first piece. You can see that it’s definitely not perfect. My stitches are very uneven and some of them are huge. However, it’s definitely free motion quilting! I got really excited. (I announced it to Z and all he said was “are you being careful?”)

Here’s a shot of the other side:

I think I’m going to turn it into a tray mat for my grandmother. I actually picked out the fabrics with that in mind.

Here’s my second piece. I wanted to practice waves because I knew I wanted to FMQ waves on the pillow covers I’m making for our couch. This piece is a little rougher. This might become a dog bed.  I only layered one fabric and the batting for this, not two, so it’ll be more quilt as you go.


My attempt at stars:

Trying a little writing (it’s supposed to say “star”):

What I learned from making the “waves” above is that making a cresting wave shape is hard for me right now, so I did my waves differently on the pillows, more like the bottom row in this picture.

Every year I improve my quoting skills and I’m really excited to add FMQ this year!


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