Pillows for my sister

I wanted to make my sister a pillow for her birthday and we discussed design options and colors. Her sorority’s symbol is the quatrefoil, and during last year’s Bee Hive quilt block series, I’d made note of the quatrefoil block. My sister liked it, and we agreed on orange, teal, and blue. 

I’d just bought Pearl Bracelets in orange and Metro Living tiles in orange, and I thought both would be perfect. I pulled out a teal, leftover from my friend M’s wedding quilt, as well as a Kona – possibly jade? It was the octopus in the baby quilt I made last year. Lastly I had some royal blue fabrics. I think one was a kona (no idea what shade, but also for the octopus baby quilt) and one might have been from Michaels. I think I used it for the Love in Shades of Blue quilt

The shades of orange, teal, and blue had slightly different values, and I decided to make two pillows, one with the darker values and one with the lighter values (except I think one royal blue ended up in both pillows because I didn’t have quite enough).

I changed the design slightly. I made the corner pieces in the center orange because I thought that made the shape more like a quatrefoil.

I decided to make the pillows two sizes because I had extra of the teal from the teal and grey wedding quilt. So I added a border to that one to bring it up to 16″. It has a solid back in the teal.

The other pillow has a pieced back using up more of the jade and the Royal blue. My math was wrong the first time and the back didn’t cover the 12″ pillow, so I had to go back and add more blue.


Finished pillows:




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