WIP Wednesday: Shopping Cart Cover

It’s still Wednesday! It counts. 🙂

I got this shopping cart cover pattern from Daydreams of Quilts for Christmas, knowing that with two babies in the family it would come in useful. I decided to make one for my cousin’s baby. I’d read through the pattern a couple of times, but not very attentively. I haven’t had a ton of sewing time lately and there were days where I had free time, but not the energy necessary to get down to sewing. As a result, I started this on a Wednesday evening, when it needed to be done Sunday. Not a good idea.  That’s why this is still a work in  progress…

I knew I wanted to use the Connecting Threads Lousy in Springtime fabric collection. It fit well in the colors my cousin and her husband like – blue and green – and he used to study Japanese, plus you know I love Japanese-inspired fabrics. I think they’re so pretty. I thought darker prints would be better, since the shopping cart cover will likely get dirty, which ruled out a bunch of the prints. I had a whole yard of this crane print and fat quarters of the rest. I settled on the crane print for the front, supplemented by Kona Teal, and for the back I used the dragonflies and blue and green leaves with more of the Kona. I think I should have used the Kona for the whole back, to speed things up, but I had wanted to use more of the collection. 


My center piece between the leg holes doesn’t seem very centered. Obviously I didn’t measure properly. The instructions call for a patchwork top with 5.5″ squares, which would certainly make it easier to center that piece. Oh well.


I have started quilting it and I gifted it, as is, and then took it back to finish it.  I still need to finish quilting it, put the elastic and seat belt/buckle in, and bind it… Hopefully soon!


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