Stash Report

Habibis, I am three months overdue for a stash report.  …It’s a doozy.

In January I made three tray mats for my grandmother, new pillows for our couch, and some dog beds/pillows. My total outgoing was 3.66 yards and my incoming was 14.5 yards.

In February I made two charity doll quilts, mini quilts for my mom and my aunt, some coasters for my aunt, an embroidered pillow for a wedding present for Z’s friend, and put a sleeve on a twin-sized quilt for entry in a show.  My total outgoing was 7.13 yards and my incoming was six yards.

In March I finished an improv charity twin sized quilt with two matching pillow cases, a pillow for our bed, and two pillows for my sister for her birthday. My outgoing was 7.96 yards and my incoming was 34.5 yards plus 9 yards of extrawide fabric (which would work out to about 24 yards, so that’s how I’m going to count it).

So my total outgoing for this year is 18.75 yards so far.

My total incoming is very large.  Very large.  79 yards.  There are some reasons for that.  One was stocking up on extra wide backings.  Another is that I’ve been buying fabric on sale for projects for later in the year. A third is that I buy a lot of fabrics on line and sometimes the colors don’t work together when they arrive – for one project I’ve bought fabric three times.  I am awaiting my final shipment of fabric for that project and then I am done. By that point I’ll probably have 12 fabrics to choose from and that is more than enough.  I don’t intend to buy more fabric for the rest of the year.  I hope to make a dent in my stash each month; I have some big projects coming up this year and I’m excited about them.

Final total: net 70.25 yards in


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