Pillow for us

I’ve been meaning to make an accent pillow for our bed. I had HSTs leftover from the scrappy binding I made for my magnum opus, which have been sitting in my “red, white, and blue” scraps box for a year. I realized I could square almost all of them up to 2″, and I had planned to use four of them in the border for the pillow I made for Z’s grandpa this year. Unfortunately, I measured something else wrong, so that border got scrapped.  I still had all the squares out in my cutting area (hah! By cutting area I mean our table, which we never use because I always have my sewing things on it. Poor Z is very patient with me), and I started squaring them all up to 2″ and sewing them to 2″ squares, then making four patches. The four patches finish at about 3.5″, and I alternated those with 3.5″ squares as well. I’d hoped to have 12 four-patches but I was one HST short. I made do. The end result is a little asymmetrical, but Z said he didn’t mind. It finishes at 18″ square.


I put in a little block of the Pledge of Allegiance fabric.


Z didn’t want me to quilt it. He likes his pillows to be softer, and he prefers them unquilted.  I added a full piece of batting and backed it in a black and white floral.  (I didn’t consult with Z about that.) I decided not to bind it because I wanted it to be finished quicker!


Z loves the pillow. He sleeps on it!


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