Dodi pillow

Z’s friend recently got married and I suggested to him that I would make her and her husband a pillow. I wanted to reference the Hebrew phrase “ani li dodi ve dodi li,” which I used on my friend N’s wedding quilt. It’s a common phrase used for Jewish weddings. It means “I am for my beloved and my beloved is mine.”  I wouldn’t have room for that on a pillow, so I decided on “dodi” – my beloved. (This is actually the same meaning as the Arabic word “habibi” – and the i at the end of both words means “my,” although the words themselves are not linguistically related. Arabic and Hebrew are both Semitic languages and sometimes the words are almost exactly the same. The rest of the phrase is almost the same as it would be in Arabic.) 

Z consulted on the design. We picked a dark teal and a royal blue. I think the teal is Kona but I don’t know what color. The blue might be Kona or from Michaels. 

I had an 18″ pillow form so I designed an 18″ finished block to frame the embroidery.  I used a 14.5″ blue square for the center. I added a 2.5″ wide border of the teal with 2.5 blue squares at each corner to bring it up to 16.5″. I repeated that step for an 18.5″ pillow front. 


Then I traced out the Hebrew letters very carefully, using pictures for reference. (I don’t know Hebrew.)  I embroidered my letters using a variegated thread in shades of teal and blue. I think the embroidery came out really nicely. I’d like to make us a similar pillow that says habibi one day. 


For the back I used a blue and white print, which I think is leftover from my friend P’s wedding quilt or from this quilt I made for myself. (Or both?)  I make overlapping backs. I had considered binding it but in the interest of time I decided against it. 


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