Hexagon wedding quilt – Part II

A couple of weeks ago I posted about how I pieced the top of the hexagon wedding quilt for my friend C and her now-husband J.  I forgot to show the back I pieced from large pieces of purple fabrics:

I also forgot to post that I added a navy border around the edges.

I did all of that in January and February, believe it or not.   Then I put it aside and worked on my other projects until I was able to go to my parents’ house in March and put it together.  I took a day off before Mom and I went on our first quilt retreat to do that.

I’ve showed you how I use the ping pong table to put the quilts together.  This time I taped the batting down to keep it flatter – I’ve since been given a tip to unfold the batting the day before so the folds have time to relax, so in the future I’ll be doing that (and the tape, probably).  I laid the quilt top over the batting and rolled the two layers into the center.  Then I laid down the backing and unrolled the batting and quilt top over it.  I safety pinned the three layers together.

I made this quilt before I learned how to do binding – I know!  I learned how to do binding approximately 24-36 hours after I put this quilt together.  So I folded the edges under the way I used to and sewed them down.  It’s my last non-bound quilt, ever.

I only did a little bit of hand quilting.  C is 100% Italian and J is half Italian, and I wanted to put a special message for them on the quilt.  I asked around for what you would say in Italian when people got married and the consensus, from my cousin T and coworkers who speak Italian, was “Auguri,” which means congratulations.  (I checked with C’s father, as well, in case there was a special regional word that might be used instead, and he agreed with “Auguri.”)  I chose my pretty blue variegated thread and I quilted “Auguri” and their names and the wedding date onto the bottom border of the quilt.  I left the rest of the border for machine quilting, and I’ll post about the machine quilting next week.