Finished Quilts

I’ve been wanting to make a finished quilts page for a while now, and never got around to it.  I’ll try to arrange them in chronological order:


My first quilt, for the mother of a friend who died in a car accident


Log Cabin quilt, a wedding present for my friends N and J


I believe I made both these quilts in 2009:

Train quilt for my grandfather, who loved trains

Picture quilt for my grandma in yellow and orange (her favorite colors)


Window pane baby quilt for N and J’s older daughter, C

Rail Fence baby quilt for a friend’s baby

Jungle animals baby quilt (with bonus pillow I’d made as a wedding present for someone else)

Quilt I made for my friend K’s mom after K died in a car accident


Moose quilt for my sister

Sampler quilt for my cousin T and her husband B

(Sorry for the two links, but I didn’t link back to previous posts in the final post.)

Tshirt quilt made from my grandfather’s tshirts, a gift for my whole family (note that I did finish it, but I never posted about it again)


Swing on a Star baby blanket for my friend D’s son

“Elegance” fan block quilt for my friend C and her husband G

Window pane quilt for spry and her husband

Purple Lone Star quilt for my Aunt M

Path to the Altar quilt, an engagement present for my brother R and his now-wife M


Baby quilt for my friend N’s son

Pinwheel quilt for my friend P and her husband J

Wedding quilt for my friend N and her husband A

Lone Star baby quilt for my goddaughter N

Storm at Sea quilt for my boyfriend Z


Drunkard’s Path quilt for me (which started in 2013 but didn’t finish until January) – the first-ever quilt I made for myself

Window pane quilt for me – the second (and thus far, last) quilt I’ve made for myself

Hexagon charity quilt

Hexagon quilt for my friend C and her husband J

Hunter’s Star quilt for my coworker M

My magnum opus: “What So Proudly We Hail,” a present for Z

“Wedding Knot – Love is the Tie that Binds” – a wedding present for R and M


Charity baby quilts

Octopus baby quilt

Medallion baby quilt

Lotus Quilt

“Shades of Love in Blue”

“Pink Blossom” quilt


4 thoughts on “Finished Quilts

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  2. Hi there! I just found you while looking for a tutorial for a MODERN Hunter’s Star quilt. I had fun looking around your blog. My favorites are your Storm at Sea, the log cabin, and the Path to the Altar quilts – wonderful! If you’d like to start making modern quilts, check out the Modern Quilt Guild. I am a member of the Rhode Island Modern Quilt Guild and love it! That’s all I want to make now, for the most part, is modern. I don’t know where you live, Rozsa, but you could see if there’s a Modern Guild in your area. Nice to “meet” you! xo Jodi

    • Thanks for the comment, Jodi! I’m so glad you like my quilts. Did you find a tutorial for a modern Hunter’s Star?

      I have friends in a modern guild and I’ve been once, which I really enjoyed. The timing isn’t ideal for me to attend regularly (they meet on weeknights and it’s a hike from where I live), but I follow their blog and I might be able to start going regularly in the future.

      Nice to meet you too!

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