Spry’s birthday present

This is the birthday present I made for Spry.  It was rather belated, as is this post.  (I believe I finished the project around her birthday but then I didn’t see her for weeks afterward.)

I used the “Elegance” pattern created by Kay M. Capps Cross and printed in “Sensational and Small Quilts.”   The original design is in black and white prints with pops of pink.  I went a completely different direction.  I used pinks and yellows, with a touch of blue.  I was sort of aiming for Spry’s wedding color pattern (ish).  For the back I used a panel from part of a fabric collection that I’d also used in the front.  I can’t remember the name of the fabric collection – something about cherry blossoms.

I quilted on both sides of the seam attaching the outer border to the inner border using pink thread.  I also used pink thread to quilt each fan section.  I quilted along the inside edge of each piece.  Pictures below: