Stuffed bear for charity

Mama S (Maria Sangria) made this cute bear for charity.  It got stuffed in a stocking and will be given to a needy child in our area.


Maria Sangria Monday

A little change of pace this week: Mama S AKA Maria Sangria is guest posting today, rather than my usual post tomorrow.  She’s sharing her first two quilts:

Hello fellow quilters!  I am rozsamaria’s mother.  Rozsamaria got me started in quilting a couple of years ago.  I made two quilts with her help and the help of some lovely ladies from Empire Quilt guild.  The first quilt I made was a small dog themed quilt for my husband.  I did a combination of machine and hand quilting.  I machine quilted straight lines going across the quilt and around the border that goes around the middle of the quilt.  I hand quilted dog bones in the corners.  My husband loves dogs and he loved this quilt.

After that I started a baby quilt even though no one in the family was expecting.  My niece was already married and my son Ryan was getting married soon.  I figured whoever had a baby first would get the quilt.  My niece won.  She had a baby girl in March.  I love this fabric and the quilt turned out so adorable!  Of course, my niece loves the quilt too.  I did all hand quilting on this quilt.  I quilted around each block and around the animal in each block.  On the outside border I hand quilted around many of the animals.  I used red thread and the quilting shows up nicely.

In my next guest blog, I’ll share with you my two projects that I completed this summer.