I used this tutorial to make pillowcases for my goddaughter for Christmas.  One is made from a dinosaur skeleton fabric, and the other from Riley Blake’s Saltwater collection.  They both seemed perfect for a toddler!

It’s two-sided:

I love the turtles:



“I Love Lucy” Pillow for Aunt D


My aunt D (the one who gifted me her stash) LOVES “I love Lucy.” Ages ago I bought a set of Lucy fabrics from keepsake quilting. (And by “ages” I mean probably six or seven years ago, which as far as my quilting goes is pretty far back.) I’ve used the fabric once or twice to make ornaments but I don’t think I’d ever made a pillow before. I decided she should have one!  I pulled the different fabrics and started planning.
The fabric is from the chocolate factory episode. One fabric has large blocks with stills/scenes from the episode. I fussy cut one and decided to make more patches of the same size. One is a four-patch, and the other two are also fussy cut with borders. I added the yellow strips to get the size I wanted – I believe I used a 16-inch pillow.
I pinned it to a piece a batting and started my quilting. For the yellow fussy cut patch I did just a square to frame it. I framed the other two fussy cut pictures of Lucy. Pretty much all the other quilting is straight line quilting – probably about 3/8″ apart. I used coordinating thread – pale pink, pale yellow, and mint green.
I used another print for the back, this one featuring Lucy and Ethel with Ricky and Fred. I bound it with a print of the I Love Lucy logo on a pink background. I’ve never bound a pillow before. I thought it looked cute but I found it to be harder to sew down. I was trying not to sew through all the layers but now I think I probably should have – it would hold better.
How cute is this?

Throwback Tuesday: Beatles Pillow

I know it’s Throwback Thursday, but I don’t post on Thursdays, so Throwback Tuesday it is.

I made this pillow for my uncle who loves the Beatles.  I don’t remember when I made it; I actually don’t remember making it at all, but I know I did because I still use those fabrics.  My aunt has it on display at their mountain house and my mom took a picture last time they were up there and sent it to me, so I decided to post about it.

Cute, right? As I mentioned, I have no memory of this, so I don’t know what I based the design off of.  I obviously did a lot of fussy cutting.  You may recognize the fabric from these coasters, and I also made a Christmas ornament from the fabric at some point, but I don’t know if I posted about that.

Recent presents

Hi habibis!  I wanted to share a few presents I made recently:

I made this quilted bookmark for a cousin for her birthday, using leftover Air Force fabric.  I quilted it with white thread.

These sashiko coasters are from the Handstitched class.  (Yes!  I finally finished a project from the class.)  I didn’t follow the instructions 100% when it came to the design because I couldn’t figure out how to replicate it properly, but I’m very happy with the design.  I made them as a birthday/apartment warming gift for my friend R.  I love the geometric print, and I think I matched it up nicely with the solid.  I used variegated thread.  I swear I took pictures but I can’t find them, so here’s a picture R took.  Isn’t she a great hand model?

This shoe bag is for my friend A.  I let her pick from a few different fabrics, all of them blue/purple-y. (She loves cool tones.)  I wish I’d made it bigger – it should fit most shoes, but I would have liked something larger.  I love the butterfly print.

Present for my grandma

My grandmother has pretty much everything she needs, and probably most of what she wants as well, so when it comes to presents for her I try to make things.  She always appreciates something handmade.  I decided to make her a mat for her tray table.

I used scraps leftover from my brother R’s wedding quilt – the forest green and the cream – and I added some gold and the green on white print from my Aunt D’s stash.  (Did I mention last time I used this fabric that it reminds me of an ivy print my grandmother used in her mountain house when I was a little girl?  It makes me really happy just to look at it.)  My grandpa’s favorite color was green, and my grandma has had a fondness for green since he passed away.  Her couch is dark green and the mat will match the pillow I made her for Christmas, too.

I made small blocks with scraps – do they count as courthouse steps blocks?  Then I took the cream squares and squared everything up (as best I could – everything is 6″-ish, emphasis on the ‘ish’).

The back is just a large piece of cream and a long piece of cream.  I layered them with a leftover piece of batting, sewed around the edge, and turned it right side out.

For the machine quilting I used cream thread.  I did geometric quilting in the blocks.  Each block is slightly different, but they’re all quilted in concentric squares of some style.  Then I drew hearts freehand and quilted them with a running stitch in forest green.

My grandma really liked it.  I wonder if I should have used more dark colors to hide stains, but it can always go in the wash.

Baby gifts

Hi habibis!  It’s still technically winter but it’s finally starting to feel just a bit spring-like, isn’t it?  I’m so ready!

A few of my friends are having babies or had babies, so I’ve been making some baby gifts/baby-themed gifts. Here are a few of them:

Here are mom and dad mug rugs – for a pair of new parents-to-be. I hand embroidered “Mom” and “Dad” in stem stitch. Then I pieced the tops and backs from scraps. The mom one is machine quilted with a freehand heart and then a wavy box surrounding everything.  I used bright green thread.


The dad one is machine quilted with concentric rectangles.  I filled in the remaining space with other geometric shapes using dark blue thread.

Here’s an uncle bookmark for an academic and bibliophile. Again, “uncle” is hand embroidered in stem stitch and then I machine quilted rectangles around the center rectangle. The blue book print is from the same line as this bookmark and mug rug.  The back is the same print.

A grandpa pillow for a baseball lover: I saw a tutorial on sew mama sew handmade holidays for a pennant pillow and loved the idea. (I didn’t actually follow the tutorial.)  I hand embroidered “Grandpa” on the light blue fabric and then added a darker blue border to get the size I wanted.

I chose baseball fabric for the back because this grandpa is a huge baseball afficianado.  I added the blue to the back side, too.  I sewed them right sides together, stuffed it with loose batting, and handstitched it closed.


Easy Valentine’s Day Decorations

I made quick and easy decorations for Valentine’s Day.  My roommate and I had a small dinner party, just my boyfriend and another friend, and I spent my day at my guild meeting and then cooking, so I didn’t have a lot of time to decorate.

I’d had an idea – probably during my guild meeting – for decorations.  I cut out hearts from pink fabric.  I just did it freehand and then trimmed as necessary.  My plan was to safety pin them to ribbon and tie the ribbon around our kitchen cabinet handles, but the ribbon pulled too much when I did that and the hearts wouldn’t hang straight.   I ended up pinning each end of ribbon to the heart instead.

Cute, right?  I made six of them and it took maybe ten minutes.  I’m going to reuse them for applique, maybe for a doll quilt or something.