Improv doll quilts

I’ve made some more progress on the improv scrappy doll quilts I’ve been working on.  I showed you one set of blocks here.

The second set is more light blue with pink and teal, as I slowly ran out of pink scraps (from that particular scrap pull – I’m sure I have lots more pink scraps elsewhere).  Here are the blocks:

And here are my two finished tops.  I love the flying geese in the blue top.  I made them using leftover triangles from quilt bindings.  The idea for the pink, light blue, and teal came when I playing with scraps from the Pink Blossom quilt, and you may recognize many of the pinks from that.  I’ve actually used a lot of blue and teal this year, too.

I got very busy working on Christmas presents (which I’m still working on – right up to the wire!), so layering them and doing the quilting will definitely have to wait until the New Year.




Improv-pieced trivet/hot pad

My cousin likes to cook and bake, so I decided to make her a trivet/hotpad for her birthday. I had been playing around with leftover cream and pastel scraps from the bee block I made for Carla in August (see here).  I ended up with two rectangular pieces, blocks that were about the right size for a trivet.

I sandwiched them with two layers of batting between them to protect a table or countertop. I picked a side to be the “top” and quilted straight lines in the different sections, leaving the blue and white print unquilted.

In most sections I used white thread (or maybe cream? I can’t remember now but it looks white to me in the picture) and for the outer sections – the lavender and the pieces that complete the “square” I used lavender thread.

Here’s the back:

I bound it with a semi-scrappy lavender binding (because I ran out of the polka dot).  C likes purple.

I was worried that it might be too improv – maybe that’s not her style, you know? – but she liked it, so we were both happy in the end.