Easy Valentine’s Day Decorations

I made quick and easy decorations for Valentine’s Day.  My roommate and I had a small dinner party, just my boyfriend and another friend, and I spent my day at my guild meeting and then cooking, so I didn’t have a lot of time to decorate.

I’d had an idea – probably during my guild meeting – for decorations.  I cut out hearts from pink fabric.  I just did it freehand and then trimmed as necessary.  My plan was to safety pin them to ribbon and tie the ribbon around our kitchen cabinet handles, but the ribbon pulled too much when I did that and the hearts wouldn’t hang straight.   I ended up pinning each end of ribbon to the heart instead.

Cute, right?  I made six of them and it took maybe ten minutes.  I’m going to reuse them for applique, maybe for a doll quilt or something.