December/2015 stash report


Inset for basket: .1 yards

Pillowcases for my goddaughter: 2 yards

Baby quilt for my cousin’s baby for Christmas (still to be blogged about): 2.6 yards

Baby quilt for my brother’s baby for Christmas (still to be blogged about): 4.7 yards




Pillow for Z’s grandpa for Christmas: .4 yards



Total outgoing: 8 yards



Fabric from Africa from my friend A: 2 yards


Hopkins Square blocks from my hive members and extra fabric they sent me: 3 yards


Yellow and grey fabrics I ordered: 3 yards

Christmas presents: 3 yards

Total incoming: 11 yards


So my net for December is 3 yards incoming and my net for the year is 109.26 yards outgoing.  (I was doing really well until November and December, wasn’t I?)

For 2016 I’ll start over.  I think last year the goal I set for myself was 50 yards outgoing – net – so let’s see if I can manage that!






November Stash Report

Hi habibis!  Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers – I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Mine was hectic (several states in three days) but otherwise nice.  Today we’re recovering a bit and doing work around the apartment.  Today is also the first Sunday of Advent, a special season for me.

I’ve decided not to do extra Advent posts this year.  I like the idea of it, but in the last couple of years it ended up taking away too much Christmas sewing time.  However, I might post a little more often this month.  In that vein, today I’m doing a Sunday stash post, for the first time in ages.

I’ll start with the incoming.  I ordered quite a bit of fabric this month, somewhat violating my rule about not buying fabrics that aren’t for specific projects. I also got two yards of Christmas fabric from my guild to make the Christmas stockings I donated a couple of weeks ago.

I bought some fabrics from Connecting Threads’s Lotus in Springtime collection by Kona Bay Fabrics.  I bought one yard of the large crane print, a quarter yard of the iris, and the fat quarter sampler with 14 fabrics.  That’s 4.75 yards of fabric.




I bought a fat quarter collection of Riley Blake’s Saltwater fabrics with 15 fabrics, for a total of 3.75 yards of fabric.


I’m thinking about making a yellow and grey quilt, so I bought a few different things.  It started with 2 yards of Jen Kingwell’s Gardenvale Floral Dots in Floral Lily Multi Monkey Magic.  I’ve had my eye on it for a while and I finally splurged.  I ordered a yard each of three greys from the Robert Kaufman Metro Living Modern collection, and a collection of 25 10″ grey and yellow squares.




I ordered a yard each of a couple of art deco fabrics and one yard of this blue and white fabric.  I’ve already started using the blue and white fabric.  I was thinking the art deco fabrics might make good pillowcases.



I have more fabrics on back order, I’m afraid.  I went on a major splurge this month – I had a gift card and I started shopping and never stopped. My rule about only buying things for specific projects went a bit out the window, although I have ideas for a couple of quilts with these fabrics, and I’ve started using a few already.

My incoming for November is 20.25 yards.

Now we’ll go to the outgoing, which is rather less:

A doll quilt that I haven’t blogged about yet: 1.1 yards

My sewing machine cover: 1 yard

The Christmas charity stockings: 2.5 yards

Drawstring gift bags (see here, and others I haven’t posted about yet): 2.75 yards

Wine bags (to come later): .65 yards

My total outgoing is: 8 yards.

So my net for November is 12.25 yards in, and my net total for the year is 112.26 yards outgoing.

You may note that I haven’t included my November stash bee blocks.  November is my month but I haven’t received all of my blocks yet, so I’ve decided to include those in my December stash report.

September and October Stash Report

I’m a little overdue with my stash report.  I’ll start with incoming:

I took two yards of fabric from our charity table at my guild.  I used them to make Christmas stockings that I’ll return at our next guild meeting, so that won’t stay in my stash for long.

My guild had given us charm squares (give or take) for the bee blocks we made, so that’s .07 yards.

I bought two yards of extra-wide backing fabric, plus a half yard and 3/4 of a yard of two other fabrics for the teal and grey quilt that I haven’t shown you yet.  So that works out to 6.65 yards, plus the two yards from the charity table is 8.72 yards of incoming fabric.

Here’s my outgoing:

September churn dash bee blocks: .28 yards

October bee block: .16 yards


The trivet for my cousin C: .25 yards

Blocks for my guild: .13 yards

The I Love Lucy pillow for my Aunt D: .75 yards

The teal and grey quilt (which I haven’t posted yet): 4.65 yards

Hexagon doll quilt: .95 yards

Pink Blossom quilt for my niece: 3.75 yards

Quilts of Valor wonky star: .11 yards

That’s a total of 11.03 yards outgoing, for a net of 2.31 going out of my stash.

My total for the year is 124.51 yards out.

August Stash Report

Happy Wednesday, habibis!  We skipped our usual Tuesday post this week for Maria Sangria Monday (read here).  Today I’ll share my stash report for the month of August, after a meager July.

I made covers for some dog pillows, which I could have sworn I’d already blogged about, but now I see I’d only drafted the post, not published it.  Something to look forward to!  Anyway, I used approximately 2.3 yards for three pillows.

For Shades of Love in Blue I used 5 yards of fabric.

For my August stash bee block I used 264 + 224 .34 yards, plus I sent Carla an extra scrap, which was just over a fifth of a yard (it was a fat quarter I’d cut into), so my total was .55 yards.

I had no incoming fabric in August.  That brings my monthly total to 7.85 yards of fabric out.  My total for the year is now 122.2 yards out.  (Isn’t that amazing?  I have gotten rid of a TON of fabric, mostly through donations.  The crazy thing is how much fabric I have left…)


July Stash Report

Habibis, I believe this is the first month this year where my incoming has been greater than my outgoing.  I’ll rectify that in the coming months, so I’m not too concerned, but here are my numbers:

outgoing: .25 yards (my July Stash Bee blocks)

incoming: 2.5 yards (fabric purchased for an upcoming project – stop by tomorrow for a belated Sunday Stash!)

So my total for the month is -2.25 yards, and my total for the year is now 114.35 yards.

June Stash Report

Hello habibis!  I hope everyone in the US had a lovely July 4th weekend – I know I did!  (And happy belated Canada Day to our friends in the north.)

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet.  For June I had no fabric incoming and my only outgoing was my stash bee block. (I know!  As I posted last week, it was a crazy month.)  I’m not sure of the exact measurements of the fabric I used in the bee block, but it was 12.5″ square so let’s go with that.  Per my calculations, that’s .10 yards. That brings my total for the year to 116.6 yards.  Not bad!

April Stash Report!

Time for my April stash report.  I haven’t bought any new fabric (for me) this month.  (My guild’s charity committee had a sale of all the extra fabric they had on hand and I bought a bunch of fabric for my mom.  So it is currently in my apartment but not going into my stash, and therefore I’m not counting it.)  (And I just had a dream that an acquaintance who doesn’t quilt had some really nice fabric and I told him I was going to take some of it, and now that I’ve sat down to write this I realize it was a dream, which is a pity – it was beautiful Asian-inspired fabric, my favorite.  My subconscious has played a trick on me!)  Anyway, my incoming is zero this month!


The octopus quilt = 3.8 yards

Another baby quilt I made that I haven’t posted about yet =3.25 yards

April stash bee block = .3 yards

Shoe bag for A = .21 yards

Coasters (see above link) = .25 yards

Tray mat for my grandmother = .33 yards


Total outgoing for the month of April: 8.14 yards

Total for the year so far: 56.139 yards!

As you may remember, my initial goal was to get 50 yards out of my stash, and I’ve revised that to 75 yards.  I’m still planning to donate more fabric to my guild (I think the desire to not have to pack it will be a prime motivator in forcing me to get rid of some of it), and I have plenty of projects on my to-do list.  Wish me luck for May!



I did my math very wrong – my total from January through March was 55.325 yards, so my total through April is actually 63.465 yards.