Pillow for Z’s Grandpa

I’ve made another pillow for Z’s grandpa this year. He loves the other one I made him, and I thought he could use a second one. Most of the scraps are from the quilts I made for Z last year and the year before, so the colors for this pillow are still patriotic but the prints are actually more nautical.

I started with 3″ squares organized in a four by six layout:

I added 2″ wide red borders.  (I made them a little too wide for the pillow form.)  I’d actually had another border planned, but I did my math wrong and cut the pieces too short.

For the back, I fussy cut this center scrap, which is leftover from the Storm at Sea quilt I made for Z.  The white fabric is leftover from his “What So Proudly We Hail” quilt.  It’s got little sea shells on it.



I used this tutorial to make pillowcases for my goddaughter for Christmas.  One is made from a dinosaur skeleton fabric, and the other from Riley Blake’s Saltwater collection.  They both seemed perfect for a toddler!

It’s two-sided:

I love the turtles:


Hopkins Square Bee Blocks

Hi habibis!  Christmas is nearly upon us, and I have one last post beforehand.

You may recall that I asked for Hopkins Square blocks for my month of the stash bee in shades of red and gold, and my bee mates have been incredibly generous.  The ten of them sent me 16 blocks, plus extra block pieces and extra cuts of fabric!

Here’s a sample:

Don’t you love everyone’s fabric choices?

After the holidays I plan to buckle down and put together this quilt top.  It’s going to look great!


Improv doll quilts

I’ve made some more progress on the improv scrappy doll quilts I’ve been working on.  I showed you one set of blocks here.

The second set is more light blue with pink and teal, as I slowly ran out of pink scraps (from that particular scrap pull – I’m sure I have lots more pink scraps elsewhere).  Here are the blocks:

And here are my two finished tops.  I love the flying geese in the blue top.  I made them using leftover triangles from quilt bindings.  The idea for the pink, light blue, and teal came when I playing with scraps from the Pink Blossom quilt, and you may recognize many of the pinks from that.  I’ve actually used a lot of blue and teal this year, too.

I got very busy working on Christmas presents (which I’m still working on – right up to the wire!), so layering them and doing the quilting will definitely have to wait until the New Year.



Sunday Stash

My friend A is an academic who currently works in South Africa, and for Christmas she brought me back some gorgeous fabrics.

She tells me the purple floral print was something she saw that she thought was pretty, but the other four are traditional fabrics.  I’ll have to ask her to repeat the details – the fabrics are produced by different ethnic groups in South Africa.  I think they’re all amazing.  I love the colors and the patterns!

Quilted liner for a basket

My guild had a basket raffle as a fundraiser, where members brought baskets (or bags, or whatever) filled with fabrics, chocolates, gift cards, etc., and then we raffled them off.  I got a basket at Michael’s and decided it needed a liner for the bottom.  I chose a bright red and white polka dot print – a Christmas-y feel without screaming “Christmas” – and layered it over some batting.  I measured the basket and made it slightly larger than that.  Then I quilted a white spiral from the center outwards.

I trimmed the batting to fit in the basket, and then I folded over the edges of the polka dot fabric (which I hadn’t trimmed) and stitched along the edge.  It’s not perfect, but it works.

Here you can see how I did the edges:

It looks like it’s still slightly large for the basket bottom, but it served its purpose.  My basket included a couple of breakables (it was wine-themed) and I’d really wanted something to cushion the bottom of the basket, plus it’s so cute and bright.