Stash Bee: Hopkins Square Blocks

All year I dutifully made my Stash Bee blocks, and finally it’s my turn!  I have spent all year thinking about what block I wanted for my month, and I finally figured it out.  Hive 7 is going to help me make a Quilt of Valor!

Do you remember the quilted napkins I made?  I had leftover pieces, and I decided at the beginning of the year to turn this UFO into a Quilt of Valor for our veterans.  Other projects keep getting in the way, but now I’m motivated to finish them up and I think with all the extra blocks from Hive 7 I’ll have enough to make a quilt top.  I’m using gold and crimson, to match the leftover pieces I had.  If you want to play along, the instructions are here.

Here are some of the finished blocks.  They look good, right?  I’ve made 16 blocks so far.

If you want to do more for Quilts of Valor, they’re having a block drive between now and Veteran’s Day (November 11th).  They’re collecting wonky stars in patriotic colors; you can find more information here:

Here’s mine:

We get to ask everyone in our hive a question.  I actually have two questions: What is your favorite quilt or quilted thing that you’ve made for yourself?  What is your favorite quilt/quilting thing that you’ve made for someone else?

For me, the first one is easy.  (I’ve only ever made two quilts for myself.)  I LOVE the twin-sized all-polka dot Drunkard’s Path quilt I made for myself.

The second question is harder.  If you follow my blog, you’ll know that most of the quilts I make are wedding, baby, or special occasion quilts for friends and family.  I love almost all of them, and it’s hard to choose.  One of my favorites is a quilt I made for my grandmother using photo fabric.  It’s in yellow and orange, her favorite colors, and it’s full of pictures of our family.  After she passed away I got the quilt back and it makes me happy every time I look at it.  Another favorite is a quilt I made for my fiance last year.  It’s an American flag quilt and I hand quilted the stripes with patriotic quotes and song lyrics that I knew would have resonance with him.  I spent about 115 hours working on that quilt.  I put so much love and effort into it, and knowing how much he loves it makes it all worthwhile.  I guess I’m cheating in answering my own question, but the truth is I just want to send you to my finished quits page and tell you that I love all of them!  They’re all meaningful to me because I made them for such special people in my life, for dear friends and their children, and for my family.