Floral Nine Patch Blocks

I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I’m not sure whether to post what I’m working on at the moment, especially when I have a backlog because I don’t usually post about presents before I gift them.  That was the case this spring, when I was working on the hexagon wedding quilt and various other presents for friends and family.  I ended up erring on the side of posting about the hexagon charity quilt and the Hunter’s Star quilt rather than posting about presents I had made and other small projects.  Now I have a bit of a backlog, so before I start posting about the new things I’m working on (I’ve already starting Christmas presents!  Plus I want to make more doll quilts), I want to post about a few things I did in spring.  I’m going to start with some floral nine patch blocks I made for my guild’s June block of the month.

My mom went to my quilt guild’s June meeting with me.  They always have a block of the month and I thought it would be fun if Mom and I had some blocks to enter.  You make as many as you want and then you enter a drawing – you get as many slips as blocks you made, and one person wins them all.

June’s block of the month was a floral nine patch made of three inch squares.  Three dark squares arranged on the diagonal and the other squares all light prints, to fill out the nine patch.  The light prints can be all different ones, but I used one dark floral and two light florals for each patch.  I laid them out in rows and chain pieced them.

My mom picked her colors and I put them together.  Here are hers:

These are the ones I made for myself:

I had forgotten I even had that burgundy fabric and I’m quite enamored of it.

We didn’t win the nine patches, but I hope whoever did liked the ones I made.  I cut pieces for more nine patches but ran out of time, so I suppose I’ll save them for doll quilts or something.