Tablet Cover

I tried to make us a tablet cover, but I decided it was too large.  I wanted to make a second, smaller one that would be the right size.  I figured since I was making a second one I’d choose fabrics I knew Z would like, and I’d make it with two layers of batting (because I’m so paranoid about the tablet getting damaged). 

I chose a solid royal blue and a print I knew Z liked, because I’d considered it for the Ships at Sea pillows but hadn’t had enough. I sewed the print to enough royal blue fabric to make the inside, and used the rest of the royal blue for the outside. I layered them with two pieces of polyester batting (still leftover from my improv charity quilt).


When I turned it right side out, I quilted horizontal wavy lines using royal blue thread.


Then I folded it in thirds, making sure the print was at the top so that you’d see it when it was open.   I positioned the Velcro, unfolded the case to sew that down, then folded it back into position and sewed the edges of the bottom two thirds closed. 



This one fits the tablet way better. I’m very happy with it. 


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