Drawstring Bags

I made a couple of drawstring gift bags, one for my mom and one for my niece.  I pulled out a couple of lovely Asian-inspired fabrics that I kind of hoard, because they’re so pretty. I know I shouldn’t do that; what good is a stash of fabrics that I don’t want to use because they’re too pretty?  One was too small, but the other worked for my mom’s bag.

Here’s my mom’s:


It’s about 16″ by 10″, I think. I realized after I started working on it that I hadn’t paid attention to the directionality of the fabric, so the flowers (lotuses, I think?) are sideways rather than vertical.  I don’t think my mom will mind. I was careful about that for the second bag, though.

This one is for the baby. I needed it to be large, so I used close to a yard of fabric.  This is another one I’ve had in my stash for years, and it’s so cute, so I figured I should really use it.


I used white ribbon as the drawstring for both.


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