Cloth Napkins

Someone in the blogosphere posted recently about using cloth napkins and I thought that would be a great way for me to use fabrics I love and maybe save some money/do something small for the environment. 

I started with 14.5″ blocks of some poppy fabrics that I’ve had for years. I love poppies and ages ago I had decided to make myself a poppy quilt, but so far it hasn’t happened.  Better to use the fabric, right? 

I made four napkins – I had to piece the backs for two of them, but I used up most of four fat quarters.  I sewed the squares right sides together, then flipped them right sides out. I probably should’ve ironed them before quilting but I didn’t bother. 

I auditioned three or four spools of thread – gold, green, red – and none really looked right, so I went with black thread. I stitched the openings closed and then stitched one or two squares inside the napkins so they wouldn’t flap around.  I’m really happy with them. I think I’ll make some larger ones, too. 



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